Monday, March 19, 2012

Nachos . . . and more nachos

You can top tortilla chips with just about anything and it's all good.
Here are a few examples...

Melt your favorite cheese over some organic white corn tortilla chips. Here I used queso chihuahua and topped with iceberg, heirloom tomato chunks, Applegate Farms crumbled bacon and some mayo - my BLT nachos.

Shredded cheddar with bacon, Horizon Organic sour cream, cilantro and my homemade preserved salsa!
 I'll have recipes for salsa on another post.

Again with the bacon! This time with shredded romaine, garden fresh tomatoes and chopped chives, more cheddar and my homemade ranch, which is part Horizon Organic sour cream, part mayo, some steak seasoning and thinned with a little buttermilk. Exchange the steak seasoning with a handful of blue cheese and a few dashes of worcestershire sauce and you have a nice blue cheese dip/dressing.

Organic blue corn chips provide a great landing for cooked ground beef seasoned with my salsa and a hefty shake of ground cumin, salt, and a splash or two of  my pickled jalapeño juice, covered in Horizon Organic sour cream, my homemade hot sauce and cilantro. 
Seasononed ground beef, as described above, homemade guacamole and salsa fresca, sour cream and queso quesadilla (melted and on top).
A vegetarian version. Queso chihuahua melted over the chips smothered with a mixture of sauteed diced red onions, garlic and diced sweet and hot peppers, mixed with cooked organic brown rice, black beans, a little cumin, salt, and salsa. This is topped with tomatoes, cilantro, Horizon Organic sour creamm and crumbled queso cotija.
And let's not forget my favorite, my homemade chorizo! Queso chihuahua, homemade salsa, Horizon Organic sour cream and, of course, cilantro complete this dish.

Special Tidbits

What plate of nachos would be complete without cocktails? My two favorites being:


 In a shaker, add the juice of 2 organic limes, a shot of blue agave tequila, a shot of triple sec, a squirt of agave syrup and lots of ice cubes. Shake until ice cold and frothy and pour into salted margarita glasses.
Mojito:  In a shaker, glass or a pitcher, muddle 2 quartered limes with 2 tablespoons organic sugar, 2 sprigs of very fresh spearmint (it's easy to grow in containers all summer). Add 2 shots of Bacardi light rum, lots of ice, and stir or shake until well blended. Pour into a tall Mojito glass and top with sparkling water (about 1 oz). I use the small bottles of San Pellegrino or Perrier. The big bottles of soda water are great for a party, but if you're only making a couple drinks, it tends to go flat before you can use it up. The small bottles usually make 3 drinks perfectly. Sip slowly 'cause they pack a punch.

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