Sunday, March 18, 2012

How to make an über-delicious burger

Start with organic grass fed beef. The key is grass fed, not necessarily the organic part. This recipe is for 3/4 lb of meat. Why? Because my husband is picky and I can't use anything other than salt on his burger. Just add a little more of everything if you're working with a whole pound.

The burger:
3/4 lb ground beef
1 clove garlic, grated
1 t red onion, grated
1 t carrot, grated
1 t celery, grated
1T  juice from pickled jalapeños (home-pickled)
1T worcestershire sauce
salt and pepper

The assembly:
1 T tartar sauce
your favorite cheese

Tartar sauce
2 T dill pickle, chopped (or relish) yes, this is my own as well...
1/2 t red onion, grated
3 T mayo

Make the tartar sauce first and let it mellow in the fridge. Just mix everthing up and stir well. I only make this in small batches because it gets weird  quickly in the fridge.

 Add all ingredients, except the worcestershire sauce, to the ground beef and gently mix. If you get too rough, the burger will be tough.

This is kinda meatloaf-ish, but not.

Form into patties and coat with worcestershire sauce . That's picky Pete's burger on the left. I'm sure some of you will appreciate that. One is for me and the other two will be nice for quick meals tomorrow or the next day.
Butter some whole wheat buns and slice your favorite cheese. Shown is horseradish chive cheddar, but organic American is great too. Grill everything to your favorite temperature and watch that the buns don't burn.

Assembly: let the cheese melt (i put it in the toaster oven for a minute), tartar on the bottom, with lettuce and tomato (gofer heirloom here) on top. This is one of the few occasions I prefer crunchy iceberg to anything fancy.

Special Tidbit

Goes really well with baked beans, salty chips, and of course an icy cold beer!

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