Saturday, July 28, 2012

Making Your Own Yogurt

It's so easy to make your own yogurt - a great moneysaver.

Pour 1 cup of your favorite milk (I used organic 2% milk) to a glass jar. Add 1 teaspoon of your favorite yogurt and stir to incorporate. It's best to use plain or vanilla (the vanilla flavor becomes very diluted). Add to a pan of warm water maintained at 120°F on your stove. It may take some experimentation based on your range to get a stable temperature so be sure to monitor for awhile. You could try this in a crock pot too if the temperature setting is adjustable. Let simmer for 8-10 hours, stirring occasionally to check the consistency.  Securely cover with a coffee filter to let gas escape, but keep unwanted microbes out. I do this over night. When it gets thick and creamy, remove from heat and let cool. Refrigerate promptly.

If you want it thick like Greek yogurt, strain through cheesecloth to remove excess liquid. Makes a tangy substitute for sour cream. You could add any number of dried herbs or spices before refrigerating. Make a ranch-style dip or a sweet honey dessert.


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